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What kind of free stuff do you want? Make your selection below and email me your request. I will do my best to send you what you want as long as supplies and funds last.  It is free but if you would like to make a donation to help with the cost of shipping and my other marketing costs, I would be very grateful. 

Does Anyone Have a Pen?

Seriously, I will mail you as many pens as you want (while supplies last) as long as you promise to use them, not horde them and give them away! There is only one style right now but more choices are coming soon. Or at least that's what my marketers have promised. Ha! By the way these pens are super comfortable to use and perform beautifully (very smooth writing). 

Do You Need a Coaster for that Drink?

This one style of coasters is available right now and more styles are coming soon. These coasters can be seen in local restaurants but can also spruce up your patio furniture and barbecues. Let me know how many you want via the contact buttons below.

How about a Bookmark?

Everyone can always use a bookmark. Free ones are even better aren't they? Well here you go. Just send me an email and give me your address and I will mail as many as you want (within reason and as long as supplies agree).

Automobile Magnets

These placards were designed to showcase my books. They are free to however wants them. I now have several that are available because my new truck is apparently made out of aluminum. You are welcome to as many as you want as long as supplies last.  My only request is that they are displayed for others to see and enjoy them.

Table Tents Anyone?

These were used in more than one restaurant to entertain customers and promote my books and website. They will add flavor to any establishment and offer great conversation pieces.  Why not add to your place of business?  Let me know how many you want.

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