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When we read a book, especially a series we are often left with questions.  The story plays over in our minds and we continue to wonder. As a result questions form in our minds and we wonder if the author will address these issues. We must realize however, that sometimes an author will withhold information intentionally and then release it at a later date. Getting readers to think on their own and use their imagination is part of story crafting and every author uses this technique differently. Keep these things in mind when you ask T.A. a question.  He will try to answer every question but will not divulge details from an upcoming book. Also, your questions don't have to be about plot and story lines.  If you have a simple observation and would like to share it, please do so. For example, you might notice some of the dysfunctional family ties within the Van Wulf dynasty and point out, "I think Marshall was pampered as a child and this had something to do with his feelings of self-entitlement. Is this true?"  This would be an excellent point and great question. T.A. will answer questions in his blog. Just click on the link above to find the answer to your question.

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